Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I got the crafting blues...

I'm in the middle of moving my crafting cave from the back corner of our scary basement to my husband's (used to be) man room. Yes ladies, I've officially taken it over. It's a HUGE job. He... okay we are packrats. I've been working my tail off cleaning, packing, making a donating pile, a toss pile and a burn pile. I feel like I'm just moving stuff from one end of the room to the other. I seriously just need a dump truck backed up to the door. Ugh!

So, for now my creativity has been put on hold. It doesn't stop my mind from filling up with ideas though. I'm ITCHING to get this project done so I can get back to work. Today I have the help of a sweet little 7 year old that is excited to have her own stamping space. I also am privileged to have the help of an obnoxious, destructive, hard-to-entertain 4 year old boy. He's definitely not into all this cleaning stuff. Every time I turn around, he's making something into a weapon and chasing my poor little puppy, Stella.

Fingers crossed that I'm not going to have to duct tape him to a wall. Fearing for the life of my daughter and my dog. Hoping we'll get through the day without maiming one another.

For the rest of you lucky gals, happy stamping!

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