Sunday, June 15, 2014

One Man's Junk ~ Is This Woman's Treasure!

For years (okay most of my life) I have teased my dad about all of the things he accumulates. His response was always "You never know when you might need it". Well, he passed on his gift to me. Except I don't collect things that could be useful. I collect things that other people think of as junk. 

If it's rusted, dented, cracked, or just plain dilapidated... it catches my eye. Much to my husband's dismay, I bring it all into the house. He just can't understand WHY I insist on raiding the barn for home decor items. Unfortunately for me, he draws the line at putting up rusted corrugated metal on the walls. Though I have plans of completing that project the next time he goes out of town. {Insert evil giggle here}

For now, I'm keeping myself busy with the things he will (reluctantly) let me drag inside. I went to a junk show over the weekend. Note to self... take more money next time. Boy did I make a haul! I did notice that 90% of what I brought home was old galvanized metal items. I think I have a slight obsession.

One of the things I found was an adorable 3' long vintage galvanized chicken feeder. I didn't know what I would do with it, but I had to have it. Once I got it home and situated, I decided to fill it with my handmade paper succulents. PERFECT! Plus, I don't have to water it! I really love the way it turned out. Another great way to use Stampin' Up! products!

How-to instructions on paper succulents coming soon!

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  1. Did you ever do the tutorial on how you made your paper succulents? They are beautiful! I would love the instructions! Thanks!


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