Friday, September 27, 2013

Junk Gypsy

I LOVE JUNK. I always thought my dad was crazy for dragging all sorts of things home. Mostly antique things. I never understood it till I got older. Now I look for furniture in old barns instead of furniture stores. Today I went to a sale in town. They collect items all throughout the year. Who knows where they find everything, but they're really good at finding TREASURE. I brought this home and stuck 'er up on the wall. I LOVE this! My husband just shook his head. I think it's perfect.


  1. You were at Red Shed weren't you! I brought myself home some weathered "junk" from there too, love it! Love the Bunco cards too :)

    1. Yes Ma'am! I thought I was doing good to get there at 8:15. I didn't get the memo that they opened an hour early. I probably missed some good stuff. Did you go to the Cottage on the Hill? They had some AMAZING things!


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