Thursday, August 29, 2013

Slight Detour...

So... I'm a Gemini. I'm eclectic. I'm scattered, unpredictable and hard headed. When I want something, I want it done yesterday. I hate waiting for anything. So... Thanks to Pinterest, I got the idea {this morning} to transform our boring and outdated nightstands into something magnificent. Wait? For what? Plan? Yeah right! I marched myself down to Home Depot this morning after I dropped my girl off at school. Chose a color, bought a brush and high tailed it home.

One coat of paint {which was the perfect color}, a little bit of elbow grease and BAM! I wish I would have taken pictures of them before I got my hands on them... but that would have required planning. I don't plan. Since I don't plan, had to head BACK to town to pick up some stain. Maybe should have put a LITTLE thought into this huh?

I can't wait till the hubby comes home. I didn't run this project by him. Why would I? He'd probably say "no" anyway. If it's not broke, don't fix it. Common farmer knowledge. Very frustrating for an eclectic, scattered, unpredictable and hard headed wife ;)

What do you think of my little handy man? Quite dashing I think, but then I'm a little biased. He didn't last long though. Thankfully my attention span is a little bit longer than his...


I'm in {LOVE}

Now, what else can I paint?

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  1. Oh Melissa, he is just too stinkin' CUTE girl!! Great job on that nightstand!! Hope you have a great holiday weekend! :)


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